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Although lead paint has been outlawed since 1978, many homes still have lead paint on their walls. If we suspect lead, our contractor who’s certified to handle lead abatement will handle the removal of the paint before we get started. We will test the paint before we proceed with any further exterior painting prep.
A common contaminant, especially in humid areas, is mold or mildew. These are black, green or brown stains that may have a fuzzy appearance. We treat it with common bleach, ultimately killing it.

We use bleach or another EPA-registered microbiocide or fungicide to remove mold and mildew. While bleach alone can work in a 3:1 solution mixed with water, there are more effective, highly concentrated products available – cleaners and degreasers that do double duty, removing not only mold and mildew but also grime, grease and oil.

If we are painting a house in a region where mold and mildew are likely to be continuing problems, we’ll add a mildewcide to the paint to prevent your paint job from developing future contaminant problems.

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Always Construction Services, LLC., located in Santa Fe, NM, continually drives at our company’s primary goal: To be the most professional, skilled and responsive general contractor in the marketplace. Everything we do is focused on developing a loyal base of lifelong clients. We understand that this loyalty can only be earned through both the quality of our workmanship and the conduct of our staff. Our number one goal is customer service. Serving Santa Fe, Albuquerqueand other surrounding areas in New Mexico!

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The quality of material they used was totally top class. I’m very happy I opted for this service. Even the rates were very affordable.

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This company stands for what it says. The free quote it offered was very accurate and they didn’t charge me an extra penny.

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The workers were very professional. They did the work on time and very neatly.

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Their consultation helped me make space for many things in my office building. Had it not been for them I would not have known I could adjust these spaces in my buildings.

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The construction staff was extremely polite and patient. I would go for daily inspection and they would take time out to show me around and update e on the progress.

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The completed the construction in the time they had shown and the cost was also according to the estimate shown.

Dereck James.

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